If She Were A Child, I Wouldn't Post This Picture

Venus and Serena Williams are adults, and therefore they're under no legal obligation to do what their father, Richard Williams, says they'll do. That apparently comes as news to two tennis promoters who sued Richard Williams, saying he backed out of a contract to have the sisters take on male tennis players in a… » 12/26/06 10:50am 12/26/06 10:50am

Wikipedia Already Has An Entry For The 2020 Olympics

There are two kinds of people I like to think I'm superior to even though I'm clearly not: Wikipedia writers and male gymnasts. With the former group it's because they're doing for free what I do for money, and with the latter it's because they wear tights. But then I read Wikipedia and see how good it is and realize… » 12/26/06 10:33am 12/26/06 10:33am